There is something special about one-of-a-kind finds and personalized keepsakes, which is why we love what has just popped up in our shop! Now available for a limited time, select ProFlowers bouquets will offer a stylish variation by including a custom Mason jar vase that can be personalized with a monogram or special greeting.

This exclusive selection of flowers in Mason jar vases has us buzzing with excitement. Why? Because we love to find new ways to reuse, repurpose, and reimagine our vases—and if there were ever a perfect item for doing so, the Mason jar would be it.

From home décor and party tablescapes, to crafts and personalized gifts, the imaginative ways to repurpose Mason jars is a never-ending list of possibilities. One of our favorite ideas transforms our Mason jar bouquet vases into whimsical floating candles. These candle centerpieces can be used for just about anything—from a bohemian autumn wedding, to a backyard BBQ, or even to create some extra ambiance during a romantic evening for two.


Here is a quick and easy way to make floating centerpieces with your ProFlowers Mason jar vase:

1. Add a layer of decorative glass beads to the bottom of your jar, filling about one-fourth way to the top. You can also experiment with other decorative pieces, such as tiny shells for a beach wedding or specific colors to match your home décor.

Flowers and Mason Jar


2. Fill your mason jar with water about three-fourths way to the top. If you have multiple jars, experiment with different water levels to add some depth to the centerpiece.

Mason Jar


3. Next, tie a decorative ribbon or twine to the top of the jar in a bow.

Decorated Mason Jar


4. Finally, place a long-burning, floating candle in each of your jars and group together at the center of the table however you prefer. Light the candles and voilà!

Home Decor Mason Jars


With DIY culture soaring in popularity, what has always been a classic icon of American style has reemerged to become the quintessential mascot for do-it-yourselfers and crafty up-cyclers. Mason jars are truly the blank canvas for endless creative ideas.

The Mason jar trend isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Its homespun charm, affordable price, and eco-friendly appeal only add to the enthusiasm that surrounds this DIY stapleJust remember, our Mason jars should not be used for food or drinks.

Have a favorite Mason jar DIY project or gift idea? Let us know your favorites by commenting below!  And check out this resource for additional personalized gift ideas!