Moms have a lot of experience. They’ve been lucky in love, broken-hearted, and grown stronger from those relationships. They’ve learned patience from dirty dishes, whining babies, and whining co-workers. And they take care of everything with absolute grace and beauty. How do they do it?

Along the way, they’ve learned useful sayings that always seem to be shared when we need to hear them the most (whether we ask for the advice or not). And they always seem to be right, though we may not know it at the time.

Here are a few of our favorite “Mom-isms” collected from various sources:


“The key to a great party: good food, open invitations, and the promise that it will happen again next year.”

– Kathleen Harris


“Try to find the positive side of every situation, no matter how unpleasant—and the hidden goodness in every person, no matter how unpromising.”

– Terri Schlenger


“The importance of thank- you notes and how to write truly memorable ones. Each had to be eloquent, personal, specific, warm, and long, and of course convey extreme appreciation.”

– Julia Edelstein


“Respond rather than react. A visceral reaction will make a heated situation worse, but a thoughtful response can open up a dialogue.”

– Erin Henry




“Common sense isn’t all that common.”
– Ed Chytil


“Things are just things. They aren’t important – people are.”
– Nancy Churnin


“Nobody can take away what’s in your brain or in your heart.”

– Nancy Churnin


“Every day you have with the people you love is precious. Tell the people you love that you love them every day.”
– Nancy Churnin






“This too shall pass, so take deep breaths.”

– Kimora Lee Simmons


To kind of roll with the flow. Our house is full of life, laughter, and mayhem. Every dinnertime something spills. Or they are wearing uniforms for school, and when we have breakfast in the morning, food gets all over their hands. You can tell them a thousand times “Do not wipe it on your pants,” and sure enough they wipe it on their pants. But that’s when you roll with it. My house is not like a museum. You can see that children live there. It’s their house as much as mine. ”

– Heidi Klum





Don’t try to be perfect. This is true for life in general, and is a major personal goal of mine, regardless of motherhood. Striving for perfection is always a bad idea, because life is messy and unpredictable and full of surprises.”

– Vered DeLeeuw, Blogger at





“My mother challenged me at an early age to have goals and to be willing to work hard to achieve them. If I truly wanted something, I had to be willing to sacrifice—stay focused and work toward the goal each day.”

Chris Hogan, Host of EntreLeadership Podcast, speaker, business coach


She taught me that we had more than we needed. Without saying a word, Mom taught me to give freely to others, because there was always more where that came from. Interestingly, she and my dad didn’t have much to give. But you would never know it by the way they treated others. My mom shared everything—with a smile.

– Michael Hyatt, Best-selling author of Platform, blogger, former chairman and CEO, Thomas Nelson Publishers





Read. Read the classics, read great authors, read every day. My mom took me to the library all the time. Moved from Dr. Suess to Nancy Drew to Hemingway, Steinbeck, Michener, Wolfe, London, etc., over the years.”

– Christopher M. Connor, chairman and chief executive, Sherwin-Williams



Everything is negotiable.”

Everything tastes better with chocolate. This was a woman who always chose ‘chocolate’ as her password for the bank and the like.”

– Mike Mitchell, president and co-founder of Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream





“She taught me to bloom where you’re planted.”

“She taught me to serve others when I’m feeling selfish. “

“She taught me the value of chocolate.”

– Molly


“Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. They’ll wash clean.”

“Keep your chin up. It’s not the end of the world.”

“You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”

– J. McMillen





“Avoid the words ‘always’ and ‘never’ and you’ll avoid a lot of arguments.”


“Watch your thoughts because they become words. Watch your words because they become actions. Watch your actions because they become habits. Watch your habits because they define who you are.”


“As my wise mom once said, ‘cold pizza is most definitely a breakfast food. At the very top of the food pyramid.'”


Life is nothing but borrowed time, so make the best of it.”


jlsathre, Blogger at





Never show up at someone’s home empty-handed. If someone has taken the time to invite you over, whether it’s for a coffee or a full dinner, make sure to bring a token. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it could be some flowers, a plant or a box of chocolates. The key is to show your appreciation for your host’s efforts. A little thoughtfulness goes a long way.”


“You can never be too kind. “Kill them with kindness” was always one of my mom’s favourite expressions. This is particularly the case when you’re confronted with a truculent sort. They’re usually thrown for a loop when you smile sweetly and respond positively to their crabbiness. Try it. It works.”


Whatever you do, do it well. Following #7, do the best you can at whatever you do. My mother always said that it didn’t matter what it was that you were doing; what mattered was that you were happy doing it, and that you were doing it to the best of your abilities. A lesson well-learned and always remembered. Don’t do a half-hearted job; it’s worse than not doing it at all.”


– Samantha Kep-Jackson





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